About the Sr. TC Technician Position

We are looking for qualified TC Technicians to will follow the production plan as directed by the Production Manager. This will involve strictly following SOP’s to cut and transfer plants to fresh medium, assisting with plant media production, employing sterile technique, capturing data for production-related activities, maintaining a clean work space, monitor lab supplies, and other lab maintenance duties as directed.

Lab Ops Support Responsibilities

  • Execute against production plan by following the SOP’s
  • Cut and transfer plants to fresh medium using aseptic/sterile technique
  • Dissect and test tissues or cells for viruses and other diseases
  • Prepare selected tissues or cells for reproduction
  • Assist with plant media preparation suitable for the species to be cloned
  • Data capture for KPI's, inventory management and data.
  • Maintain clean, sterile equipment and facility
  • Set up and operate equipment, including microscope, environmental chambers and centrigures
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Minimum of High School diploma or equivalency. Bachelors of Science in horticulture, plant science, chemistry or biotechnology preferred but not required.
  • 3-5 years experience with propagation
  • Ability to work in an agricultural lab setting and sit for long periods of time. Delicate, close-up work with hand tools for long periods of time. Good eyesight (with or without correction), ability to reach overhead or use step stool. Lift and/or carry 1-25lbs.